A Winter Love Tale: Capturing Cara & Jake’s Engagement Journey in Cambridge

Capturing Cara & Jake’s Engagement Journey in Cambridge


Picture this: a chilly December Saturday in Cambridge, where Cara and Jake, the lucky winners of my Instagram engagement shoot giveaway, invited me (and my cameras) to join them for a wintery wander around the city.

Our day kicked off at the University Arms, the very spot where Jake had asked Cara to be his girlfriend. The waitress, overhearing our plans for the day, was so excited for them & surprised us with a plate of chocolatey truffles with  ‘congratulations’ written in chocolate sauce. Little did I know, this is exactly how Jake actually asked Cara to be his girlfriend too, what a coincidence!

As we wandered through the festive streets of Cambridge, Cara and Jake said they felt a little nervous about being in front of the camera. However the chemistry between the two of them meant that no direction was needed & that suited me perfectly! 

It was so nice to hear Jake talking about their journey together as they lead me on a whistle stop tour of the places that mean something to them. We passed by The River Bar, Jake told me that was the scene of their first date so I made sure to grab a quick shot of them snuggling on the bridge over the river with the bar in the distance. A hot chocolate break at Knoops (best hot chocolate ever, I highly recommend it!), warmed us up nicely before we continued to Clare College as the light begun to fade.

Clare College holds sentimental value for Jake as his mum had worked there & he spent time there as a child – luckily the security guard on the desk knows Jake’s mum, so he snuck us in to the grounds! The timeless Clare College building bathed in the soft winter light through the fog provided a picturesque backdrop for some of my favourite shots of the day. Cara and Jake practiced their first dance under the warm glow of old street lamps and giggled as they embraced on the bridge.

By the end of our afternoon together, any initial nervousness had turned into a playful confidence, with Cara actively seeking out photo opportunities by the end of our shoot! – a testament to the ease and comfort that had settled in.

Their love story, frozen in frames against the backdrop of Cambridge’s historic charm ❤️