An interview with flower farmer Laurenne Hopkins

Happy soil, happy flowers, happy roots: an interview with Laurenne Hopkins Flowers, based at

happy roots farm


On a sun-drenched day back in summer 2023, I met Laurenne Hopkins, the eco-minded flower boss based at Happy Roots Farm. I loved chatting with Laurenne as we wandered through the meadow, her passion and excitement was infectious as she showed me the varieties growing! The farm itself was just idyllic – welcoming, peaceful and colourful.

Read on to learn more about Laurenne’s thoughts on 2024 trends & sustainability in wedding floristry and more on nurturing a 6 acre flower farm nestled in the countryside south-east of Sheffield.

I’ve been a wedding florist for about 3 years now, before that I had about two years of growing and selling bouquets and jam jar posies from our farm stand. It all started as a small hobby as a sideline to growing veg on our farm, and it just blossomed into this beautiful career!

More than I could ever count – I have no self control when buying seeds! We grow hundreds of varieties, from delicate daisies to elegant roses and flamboyant dahlias.

Happy Roots Farm spans 6 acres, where we have about an acre of that in flower production, with lots more planned for the rest of the space.

We grow varieties you just can’t get at wholesalers, and I am so grateful to be able to source the absolute best blooms for my couples from our own farm and other local farmers too.

Ah, the name! Well, we always wanted our growing to be deeply rooted in sustainability, we are deeply committed to growing in ways which are kind to the earth and build soil rather than depleting it.  Happy soil, happy flowers, happy roots!

I’d say it’s a delightful mix of whimsical and rustic, with a dash of wild! Working in seasonal flowers and elements is so important to me, and I love that my couples embrace that – I think it’s so special for them to get a yearly reminder of their day too when everything comes back into bloom around them!

Everything! But if I had to pick my favourite, it’s seeing the smiles on our couples faces when I hand over their bouquets / buttonholes or they see their wedding venue decorated for the first time – it is simply priceless.

Floral foam is still used far too widely in conventional floristry – that green stuff (that often looks quite natural) is actually made of tiny particles of micro plastics and toxins that get into our waterways – its extremely damaging to the environment and we are very proud to always work foam free and work in educating other florists to do the same.

Sustainability is super important to us and informs everything we do! We grow using no chemicals, use eco-friendly practices, from composting and using no single use plastic packaging to choosing local blooms and wherever we can, and we are always looking for innovative ways to improve too.

Great question! I’d say that 2024 will definitely see bright colours stealing the show – there is a definite move away from muted colours and blush. I also think grounded meadows and cake meadows will be a big thing – who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a nest of flowers?!

When I’m not surrounded by petals and greenery, you’ll find me enjoying quality time with my husband and our 4 little ones, walking my border collie or zumba dancing – I love a good boogie!!

I’d be a rose! I can never resist a rose – timeless beauty, gorgeous scent (i’d definitely smell better than my usual stanky farm girl aroma!), ruffles and elegance. Roses symbolise love and passion, and I’m beyond passionate about what I do, making every wedding as unique as my gorgeous couples!!

You can read more about Laurenne’s services over on her Website or Instagram, check them out below: